There is a solution

What is True Hearts?

True Hearts is a concept to create a focus for social improvement and social equality. It is a voice for the youth and democracy.

It will resolve social and domestic problems, starting from ground up with our youth and the current knife crime and gang culture epidemic.

We believe that the youth are the most important element to unite and connect our country.

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How will it solve the problems?

By replacing unemployment with eduction.

Unemployed young adults aged 16+ will receive training, mentorship, education and apprenticeships.

1. Connection

The true heart concept will give the 7.2 million young people within Britain a united bond, one combined focus, one huge voice.

2. A New Way Of Thinking

This voices will create a new way of thinking with a think tank at the helm of the voice. This is the first connection of two that will bring this country on one road imagination creativity hope faith truth for them selfs and their mums dad brother sister and help the government run this country with the many social problems we have; youth gang culture, knife crime, and basics that weall need to survive; poverty, homelessness, housing, NHS.

3. The Youth

We start with the youth and the worst social problem we have, youth gang culture and identify this as our tools to create True Hearts.

4. The Streets

By adapting the system we have we introduce the True Hearts members we have in place. This will stop the war on our streets and the needless lives lost because we stop it at source.

5. True Hearts

Instead of youth unemployment we introduce True Hearts. Gang culture will disappear with a new mentality this will create for the youth and youth knife Crime will reduce, with massive overnight impact. We can kickstart our reform with a ripple that will flourish.

6. Unemployment

With tried and tested methods and the trueheart concept we will bring 600,000 unemployed youth off of the street and create men and heros that will have massive impact on our street and communities with a hub for the younger kids to attend the academy after the school week ends. Integration on the street, daily good deeds and an open heart will open our hearts that will be the focus and connection on street level that unites and connects this country with that voice.

7. Homelessness

That voice will ask the 15,000 homeless war heros that are on the street forgotten and lost, that have got talents we can use, to help run the academy. Give them worth, respect and accommodation, a home.

8. Unite The Country

That voice will create a focus that will unite and connect all the people in this country that want the best for the youth and this country, all political parties, all religions and no policies to get in its way. That voice will balance democracy, give it true meaning and transparency that will be heard for all.

9. Economy

This focus will unite all aspect of industry and business

10. Prosperity for All

This voice give you all the tools to stop the decline and create a common focus fo all to unite and connect the youth to the people. One road, one direction, with hope, excitement and the opportunity to become truly great.

Where will it take place?

In purpose built Academies placed in all major cities across the country that suffer from gang culture or unemployment.

These Academies will become the hub and focus for communities around the country and a point of first connection on our streets. They will create a new way of thinking and a new start.

who will it help?

Ultimately everyone will benefit from the social reform that True Hearts can lead to.

We will begin by taking the 600,000 unemployed youth off the streets and giving them education opportunities and thus creating new role models within the community.

When can it start?

As soon as the power of true democracy allows!

If we can unite the youth behind our True Hearts vision, then we will have a bigger, louder voice to demand change at a government level.

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About Us

Louca Kousoulou


Self-made businessman and property developer, Louca has a burning desire to improve the future generations. He believes that the youth can unite and connect this country and stop the decline with a new way of thinking, taking us to a true and great destiny. 

Sara Sherwood


Artist Sara Sherwood’s focus is sharing joy in her art. She extends that joy into a wish for peace. She firmly believes that can be done through education love and guidance. The next generation are the key to a harmonious future. The youth have the ability to change the world we live in. How they experience life at a young age will determine how they react. If we give them the tools to be creative and positive that will have an impact into the future. Sara believes that kindness and time are the greatest gifts that you can give. She is living proof that you can follow your dreams and has been a successful full time artist since 2005.