State of the Nation

unemployed youth

Where we are now: reasons for change

Despite the reactive veneer provided by successive governments over the past 20 years, beneath the surface lurks an increasingly menacing societal breakdown in England and Wales.



This breakdown manifests itself through poverty, subsequent homelessness and food banks; the ongoing abuse of drugs and youngsters ‘running county lines’; streets unsafe to walk down, hate crime, and the ever present and increasing proliferation of knife crime – often referred to as an epidemic. Figures for each of these continue to rise, and the inability to suppress or reverse these damning trends has led to an increasing disregard and lack of respect for the law.



Unemployment amongst 16-24 year olds, for example, according to Government figures, currently stands at 475,000. There is a clear and accepted correlation between this figure and crime according to Global MapAid – who work closely with the United Nations. We have seemingly lost our humanity and ability to distinguish right from wrong, and the net result is increasingly large numbers of disaffected youth, often entering into a life of crime, with little or no hope for their future.

This is a complex issue that can be traced back to a lack of structure, value sets and principles in a child’s early life. Technology and the media particularly, then play increasingly influential roles in determining the way in which youngsters develop, think and act.


Need For Love

The requirement for a loving, nurturing structure in place for youngsters, is an essential building block for producing well rounded, responsible and loving individuals. The requirement for providing an educational environment that stimulates and develops intellectual, vocational, and cognitive abilities, are equally essential personal building blocks.

By promoting happiness, the chances of being drawn into self destructive and downward spiral that can lead to crime, sexual issues, poor mental health and even suicide, are considerably reduced.

However, we need to harness the power of the media and technology in a more productive way to navigate our way forward to a confident future, and create positive building blocks for us all.