Knife Crime

Over the last 12 years we have accumulated more than the amount of information and statistics necessary, in regards to youth knife crime, that we believe we have the solution. Many people explain the downfall of the problem differently. Some of the many explanations you may have heard are:

Bad parenting, drug addiction, poverty, education, lack of money available to help, or even blaming the youth themselves who are stuck in the middle of it.

If you clean up the mess a broken pipe makes and don’t fix the pipe the mess will make itself. If we don’t fix the source of the problem we cant fix the problem.

We believe that we’ve found the source of the problem.

Below is the last line of the conclusion to a report from an American police chief inspector that the UK government commissioned to report on Knife Crime 8 years ago.

“… kids on streets corners with nothing else to do.”

An abundance of charities, sports clubs, etc. prove that even one more option/avenue given to the youth produces positive results individually but no major impact towards the wars on our streets.
If anything, knife crime and social decline are out of control and growing at an alarming rate.

The key elements of these charities is to create opportunity and a positive way of thinking in our youth. Opportunities lead to accomplishments and accomplishments lead to self- worth and confidence. When the youth are exposed to this sort of mentoring it creates positive thinking and actions that reflect their environment.

This shift in mentality now effects their actions and their actions in turn effect their communities and surroundings, leading to a more positive society and the re-growth of hope.

In this sense, it is proven that if shown love, guidance, respect and worth reward, our youth will put their knifes down with open arms.



The society we give them and how we manage it.

“With no aid they fade.”

The current state of society projects negative thinking due to the massive amount of problems it has created for itself.

Knife crime is trying to be resolved by employing more police officers. Homelessness is trying to be eradicated by providing temporary accommodation. Mental health Is trying to be aided with medication and money we haven’t got.

None of these fixes are actually fixing the source of the problem only the result.

In 2019 alone, knife crime cost 3 billion pounds to the UK but we’re worse off than we’ve ever been with an even further decline estimated. Mental health is at an all-time high in our country and all around the world with suicide being the number 1 cause of death in 2017 for people aged 20-34 in the UK, according to a report written in 2018.

Something needs to change and True Hearts Unite is offering the opportunity to spark that change.



With all the organisations we have in this country, we have a rare but very important opportunity to connect and unite together as a nation. With the birth of True Hearts Unite, forward thinking, and hope the first seed to change will have been planted in the heart of our communities, therefore stopping the problem at its source.

True Hearts Unite provides an alternative to youth unemployment. This alternative will integrate young people into society in many forms and place them at the heart of our communities.

This will give them a voice that has the ability to impact their future.

With the help of society itself and support from all, we can create something truly remarkable for everyone in this country. Unity in diversity.