Rev David Peterson Save Lives, Save Souls.

Rev David Peterson stop knife crime and support True Hearts Unite
Rev David Peterson save lives, save souls. He is the youngest black Anglican minister in the UK is actively supporting True Hearts Unite.

By uniting and connecting we can petition the government to make change. We need more facilities to provide alternative education, training and mentorship to stop knife crime. This is the solution. Rev David Peterson is himself a recent victim of knife and hate crime. We stand up and support him as a great role model in our community.

He is active in the community looking after 7 churches and with a large following on instagram. He is actively reaching out to the youth. His heart is in street evangelism where life is raw and gritty and real. This is why he is a perfect advocate to help the youth and support True Hearts Unite – The solution to knife crime. Educate and mentor our youth.

David’s heartfelt story about his father’s passing from Corona Virus below