COVID-19 Solution Love one another…..True Hearts Unite supports Prince Ea video

Prince Ea COVID-19 Solution is Love one another.....True Hearts Unite

COVID-19 solution is love one another, this is the message for the next generation….It is happening through the isolation. Let us inspire and motivate each other. We are bonding with each other.
COVID-19 solution is changing Society. An outpouring of love and creativity is happening across the world.
Singing from balconies in Italy
Friends talking daily
Inspirational You tube videos are appearing every day.
Life has become less complicated. Daily routines have become pared back to simplicity and more real.
In the solitude or family time the reality just being rather than doing is making us get in touch with who we really are and allowing our creativity to shine through.
Lets inspire everyone to become more creative

This video by Prince Ea gives us great motivation

We have a vision for education and mentoring sign our petition

COVID-19 Solution Love one another is the way forward to coping in these times.