Sara Sherwood “Unite and Connect” London Cityscape Artist

Sara Sherwood - Unite and Connect

Unite and Connect” painting of London by cityscape artist Sara Sherwood was inspired by the “True Hearts” concept by Louca Kousoulou. #knifecrimesolution

His visionary goal is to educate and support the youth of today to bring about a peaceful and positive future for this world. His idea is to introduce academies instead of unemployment benefit, to work with ex-gang members and ex-veteran homeless to train and motivate others to build a peaceful society for our future.

With an open heart our youth can unite and connect with each other and have a common goal of building a better future. This is a utopian strategy but every great idea starts with a dream.

We believe that this concept can work across religions and break down barriers to create a society built on love not fear. With a strategy for funding via TV and sponsorship, Kousoulou is convinced it is possible to make this a reality.

The painting shows London in a positive light. Unity in faith is a key element with an open heart and acceptance of others and their beliefs. I believe we should focus on the commonalities that draws society together, rather than the negatives that the media so often portray. Yes bad things happen, but the more we focus on the positive the more that can expand.

I hope my art emanates peace and joy from my heart and I wish that for every soul in this world.

“Unite and Connect” Art by Sara Sherwood. Let love conquer the world…

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