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Louca Kousoulou


Self-made businessman and property developer, Louca has a burning desire to improve the future generations. He started his career with start up funding from the Prince’s Trust. He believes that the youth can unite and connect this country and stop the decline with a new way of thinking, taking us to a true and great destiny.

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Advocate for Youth Mentoring

Artist Sara Sherwood’s focus is sharing joy in her art. She believes change can happen through education, love and guidance. The next generation are the key to our future. We need to give children the tools to be creative and positive. Sara believes that kindness and time are the greatest gifts that you can give. She is proof that you can follow your dreams. “When people connect with their passion, gifts and life purpose they are fulfilled and can contribute back into the society they live in, as well as leaving a positive footprint behind”. Creativity gives an outlet for self-expression that can lead to harmony. Her spiritual philosophy is shared on her blog to inspire. She supports the ethos of True Hearts Unite.